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The primary purpose of using body-worn-cameras (BWCs) is to capture evidence arising
from police-citizen encounters.

The Crystal Police Department has adopted the use of body worn cameras to
accomplish the following objectives:
• To enhance officer safety.
• To document statements and events during the course of an incident.
• To enhance the officer's ability to document and review statements and actions for
both internal reporting requirements and for courtroom preparation/presentation.
• To preserve audio and visual information for use in current and future
• To provide a tool for self-critique and field evaluation during officer training.
• To enhance the public trust by preserving factual representations of officer-citizen
interactions in the form of audio-video recordings.
• To assist with the defense of civil actions against law enforcement officers and
the City of Crystal.
• To assist with the training and evaluation of officers.

The City of Crystal Police Department authorizes the use of department-issued BWCs as set
forth in the Body Camera Policy and to administer BWC data as provided by law.

Police Body-worn Camera FAQs

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