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Night to UniteCrystal's annual Night to Unite is Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2023.

Join your neighbors across the City of Crystal to celebrate and strengthen neighborhood and community partnerships. It’s the perfect opportunity for neighborhoods to gather together and enjoy a summer evening.

Night to Unite helps neighbors get to know one another, build neighborhood involvement by bringing police and communities together and bring awareness to crime prevention and local law enforcement efforts.

More than 70 neighborhood parties register each year.


Register Your Night to Unite Block Party
Contact person: 
Daytime phone: 
Address and zip: 
 Party location:

I would like to block off (street): 
at the intersection of: ‚Äč
ex. I would like to block off Hampshire Ave. N.
at the intersection of 44th Ave. N. and 45 Ave. N.

Is part of this street also located in another city?
If yes, you must contact that city.
Crystal will not approve a request without approval of that city.

Yes  No  
Number of traffic cones (0-4):
The city may limit the number of cones.
Cones are delivered to the host's house.  

Beginning and ending time:
Visitors will make stops between 6-9 p.m. 

Who would you like to see visit your event? 
Number of years you hosted your event: 
Are available to talk to the media? Yes  No 
FOOD/SCHOOL SUPPLIES: The Crystal Police Department is holding a food and school supply drive to support community families in need. Let us know if your group will collect food or school supplies?
Volunteers visit as many parties as possible to collect items during Night to Unite. If they are unable to collect your items, have a person from your party drop items off at the Crystal Police Department the following morning. They will get delivered. You may also drop off donations at the Crystal City Hall lobby beginning Sept. 1. 
Collecting Food?
  Yes  No 


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