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The Citizen Observer (Ride-along) Program allows citizens, elected officials, media members, government employees, criminal justice students, officers from other jurisdictions and others to ride as a passenger to observe and study the functions and operations of Crystal Police Officers while performing their duties.

Participants must complete the Citizen Observer Program Application below and read and sign a Release and Indemnity Agreement before their ride-along date.
Participants are asked to follow host officers instructions, not distract officers in their duties and conduct themselves in a positive manner. Participation is not obligatory and may be denied.
Citizen Observer (Ride-along) Program Application
Observer's name:  
Date of birth:  
 Full Street Address:  
State ID/DL Number:  
ID/DL State of Issue  
Email address:   
Please highlight all that apply: I am...  
Please check all that apply:    I would like to carry a weapon (licensed officers only).
  I consent to a criminal background check.
When was your last ride-along?  
List the dates you wish to ride-along  
By typing your name below, you agree to the following: I have completed the application truthfully and accurately. I understand that while participating in the program, I must follow all instructions of the host officer. I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively on the Crystal Police Department. I will not distract the host officer from his/her duties. At any time, my participation in the program may be ended by the host officer. I understand that my participation in the citizen observer program is no obligatory, and that I may be denied participation. 


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